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What do you and your employees need for your fulfilment at work?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

As an aware leader, you may notice that someone is not feeling motivated or performing.

I say “may” as it’s often easier to focus on the performance metrics without looking more deeply at how engaged the individual is!

A team member may be aware of what they need for their own fulfilment within the role, but often it takes some uncovering to know what the missing piece is. You can start to open the conversation by sharing an observation about how they may be feeling and asking if the observation is accurate.

Why is it important to tap into your employee’s needs as well as understanding your own?

As Tony Robbins (the famous coach and author) states, all humans have 6 basic needs*. By better understanding which needs are the driving force, we can better implement positive behaviours to help unlock success.

Try out his framework to consider your own and your team member’s motivators.


1. CERTAINTITY: how secure does the individual feel about the role and their own skills required for the job?

2. VARIETY: is the individual getting enough stimulation and variety in their role?

3. SIGNIFICANCE: do they need something else in their role to feel more valued and important?

4. CONNECTION: is there enough of a “team feeling” within the work environment?

5. GROWTH: is their opportunity to expand their abilities within the role?

6. CONTRIBUTION/PURPOSE: do they feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves?

When I reflect on my own career, I think about an example where I felt demotivated when I was not on the list to attend one of the regular board meetings. This feeling didn't go away and grew. It wasn’t that I desperately wanted to attend the meeting, but on reflection, the feeling I had was due to wanting to feel more “valued” ....that what my department was doing, was important enough to be shared at the meeting.

If I had considered more deeply how I felt against the “6 Human Needs” I may have had greater self awareness and taken action to raise those needs!

I hope this is helpful. If you would like to work with a coach to improve your relationships at work and your job fulfilment, I would love to hear from you at

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