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Mary-Jo Executive Coach

Who I Am

Gain career acceleration with my executive coaching expertise

With 20+ years of senior leadership experience in global FTSE organizations like General Electric, Santander, and Visa, I bring extensive knowledge in Strategy, Sales, Product GTM, and Risk functions. Reporting to the C-Suite has further enhanced my skills.

I discovered the power of coaching early in my career when I observed that those who achieved rapid success had a coach by their side. Now, as a certified executive coach, I help professionals like you navigate challenges and accelerate their careers.

Balancing a career and running a business while having a family, I understand the complexities we face. Coaching has been a transformative force for me, enabling industry shifts, boosting confidence after maternity leaves, excelling in new senior roles, refining interview skills, and making crucial career decisions. As an executive coach, I'm passionate about delivering the same impact to others.

Let's unlock your potential and achieve remarkable career growth through personalised coaching.

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