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How a trip to Anfield shaped my New Year's resolution for this year

I am a BIG New Year Resolution person. I love taking the time to reflect, reset, and focus for the year ahead. However, the first week of this year seems to have run away from me and with every day which has gone past January the 1st, my tetchiness has increased 😊

It was a stop to Anfield Stadium on the way back from Scotland last week (my son is mad about Liverpool!), which gave me the prioritisation I was looking for to land on just one New Year’s resolution this year–this is, to step into my “courageous zone” daily.

It was the following message on the Anfield tour wall which hit home and made me reflect on leadership in business and our careers, not just in football:

“Reaching the top in football requires a particular set of strengths and qualities. Confidence, intuition, vision and purpose are just a few. But unquestionable COURAGE – matched with an instinct to act when the odds are against us—underpins these." *

I pose a question and some tips. which I hope spark useful reflection for others also:

  • What would you do this year, if you were feeling your MOST courageous?

Would it be; making a career transition or change? Asking for that promotion or salary? Starting your own business or making a professional development opportunity happen?


1.    Write the courageous intention down, share it, embrace it, MAKE IT REAL.

2.    ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR FEARS when they come up and ADDRESS them.


4.    Remember that failure is positive. WE ARE LEARNING WHEN WE FAIL. Otherwise, we are simply continually doing what we know. Think about the toddler learning to walk…they keep getting back up.

For myself…..being courageous will be to push myself to stay in touch with my dreams. And despite the extra juggle of having young children, not to use that as an easy reason to shy away from continually growing, alongside them 😊

If you would like to work with an accredited Coach to progress some of your own courageous intentions, I would be thrilled to work with you.

Source: Anfield stadium 2024


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