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Creating "Unstoppable momentum"

If there is a phrase which I have loved using, across industries and for different business scenarios – it is “unstoppable momentum”.

The aim of creating “unstoppable momentum” has helped motivate teams and myself, when looking towards a goal and feeling at the bottom of the mountain. Time and time again, the phrase has focused me and the teams I have worked with, to keep going when initial progress has been slow. To create the momentum to reach that tipping point.

You may relate to the feeling when, after the initial enthusiasm of embarking on a new challenge passes, it all starts to feel so much harder than expected? You are clear on the goal, bought into the business need and are putting in your hardest work but not seeing any results?

You start to question yourself and even the goal, but your passion for the vision drives you on. And for any runners out there, it can be similar to the feeling of struggling to reach that early breakthrough point during a run, where running suddenly feels easier.

The same philosophy of needing to reach “unstoppable momentum” also applies to a job search or new product launch. It can be when we least expect it that positive results start to happen and your dream starts to feel that little bit more real. The pace picks up and suddenly the snowball effect of client demand starts to positively build.

Things to remember when looking to create “unstoppable momentum”:

IF YOU BELIEVE IN SOMETHING, GO FOR IT. And, make a space in your life or business, for it to come to you. Be patient and persistent.

DON’T GIVE YOU TOO EARLY. Just because you may have had a false start, don’t throw in the towel.

TRACK MOMENTUM. Praise even the smallest wins and brainstorm new steps.

CREATE A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT. Recognise that you and your team, are getting stronger, developing resilience and growing in skills, day by day with each challenge that comes your way.

USE A COACH. Just as athletes do. This could be the difference between struggling through on your own or making your goals happen.

If I can help you feel unstuck and help you move towards your goals, I would love to hear from you-

Coaching is a beautiful thing and you never know where it will take you!

Oh and before I finish, I must confess that creating "unstoppable momentum” is absolutely not a phrase I created. We, the Perks team at Nokia, were inspired and taught it by our lovely Leader Jeremy Wright!

Creating unstoppable momentum for business growth or during your job search

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